Yvonne Goulbier


When experiencing rather than seeing Yvonne Goulbiers rooms, one is forced to contemplate an alternate reality. … There are only a few artists who are as dependent on the use of reality for the realisation of their concept as Yvonne Goulbier. Well aware of how important the pre-existent basis of space is for its later transformation, the artist conscientiously devotes herself to the complete and austere research of the found condition. She examines the building structure, the visible history and perceptible aura of the space, always in search of the challenge that is already inherent in the architecture. It is no coincidence that her strongest works have been created in spaces with a pronounced architectural and spiritual presence …”.

Yvonne Goulbier prefers to realize her light art in confined spaces. “One reason is the technical necessity to exclude all external light influences, that is natural daylight, and thus to make fluorescent materials glow with the help of artificial light sources, so-called black light.

Strictly speaking, Yvonne Goulbier is should be considered an artist of darkness, not a light artist. Black is the condition from which a novelty can emerge, darkness fills the rooms before their iridescent, new existence is revealed in the glow of color pigments. In other words, Yvonne Goulbier’s actual creative process starts with the radical decision to first erase existing reality in a kind of artificial blindness – only to hope all the more intensely for the emergence of ‘inner images’ of a desired, different reality.



Keller Schwebel, Winningen 2010

In the process of the artistic ‘shifting’ of reality, Yvonne Goulbier uses light as a technical instrument and space to set the stage for architecture and light to emerge in a transformed form. In this way, she creates objects that seem to consist only of pure, luminous color, and that exude their borrowed existence all the more intensively over time. The materials used for this can consist of anything, as long as they are freed from their original specific normality and put into a state of natural artificiality. Yvonne Goulbier takes the blunt power of reality by erasing, shifting, colorfully charging and serially flooding, even in objects of stupendous triviality. She thus elevates the color objects to … artistic building blocks of another world, with which the status quo is not imitated, but in which the desire for one’s own laws and visions is fulfilled: namely, a fascination with nature, romantic exaggeration, aesthetic beauty, artificial perfection and gain through loss.

– Eckhard Schneider, 1998 Excerpts from the catalogue text: Yvonne Goulbier Lichträume, Cibachrome, Bilder, published by the Cultural Foundation Schloss Agathenburg on the occasion of the exhibition from March to May 1998 Translated by Alice Hinrichs, 2020



With my light installations, I create rooms that are encapsulated from the external environment and take the viewer into an alternate reality, into a world of dreams and poetry. Using black light and fluorescent materials, I create metaphysical landscapes, which interact with the found space and simultaneously unfold a meta-level of the fantastic and the unreal.
I do not only seek for a dialogue between realities in museum environments, but above all in “lived”, historically shaped spaces.