Hintergrundbild der Seite: Lichtinstallation der Künstlerin Yvonne Goulbier


  • Yvonne Goulbier: „Erinnerung an eine verlorene Landschaft“, (1985), installation in the underground station Königsworther Platz, Hanover

Texts by Ludwig Zerull and Manfred Fath

Extract from Manfred Fath:
„… The work of Yvonne Goulbier is thus primarily aimed at the viewer’s ability to experience and to open up to the peculiar effect of these colour spaces, whose poetic or fairy-tale character is already hinted at by the titles. …“

Extract from Ludwig Zerull:
“A dream from another world – glowing with inner fire and splendor. … Whoever … was there will never forget the memory of a dematerialised dream space of enormous dimensions. …
…. The unreality, the transcendence of this art landscape, repressed the sobriety of the station for a week. …“

  • Yvonne Goulbier: “Lichträume” (1986) – Exhibitions: Museum of Cultural History Osnabrück, Municipal Museum Gelsenkirchen, Art Association Wolfenbüttel

Excerpt from Lothar Romain, “Dissolving the boundaries of space”:
„… The theme is the metaphysics of spaces and the human being, who can no longer be sure of their usual orientation. In the first place, the work aims at a new quality of experience…… The viewer – they can only explore the possibilities of some installations by walking – belongs to the installation, because it is only completed in their feeling and his head…”.

  • Yvonne Goulbier: “Lichträume 1986-1987”, Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen (1987)

Texts: Bernhard Holeczek, Lida von Mengden

Excerpt from Lida of Mengden:
„…. In parallel to the targeted light and colour direction, the abandonment of the panel format, the enlargement of scale and the inclusion of the sculptural and the space are essential prerequisites for Yvonne Goulbier’s new visual language. All her installations are related to the structuring moment of a room and require additional darkness to unfold their full effect. The magic of darkness, which “observes us with a thousand eyes” (Artaud), is joined by the magic of a colour-light spell, which suspends the given space by establishing its own order. …With the light or colour spaces, Yvonne Goulbier has found a way to introduce a new dimension of sensuality and directness into the visual arts, as was previously reserved for the media of theatre, film or even fireworks.

  • Yvonne Goulbier: “quasi una fantasia“, Sprengel Museum, Hanover (1992) – ISBN 3-89169-067-3

Excerpt from Beatrix Eising:
“… in “quasi una fantasia” Yvonne Goulbier stages a graceful dance of death, a sarabande of artfully interwoven celestial bodies, woven into an elegy of cool shimmering blue light that seems filtered out of the magic of a quiet clear full moon night. Like a soft burial shroud, it envelops thousands of “corpi Christi”; it congregates in them to reflect back, unreal, fairy-like and mysteriously …”.

  • Yvonne Goulbier: “Jenseits der Wirklichkeit“, Kunstverein Kapelle Weitendorf (1996)

Excerpt from Beatrix Nobis:
„… Yvonne Goulbier’s light spaces form a closed district that is largely shielded from the influences of the outside world. People and things undergo a transformation into the ghostly and unreal in the dim light of the black light lamps. Only where the objects are coated with a layer of pigment do they reflect the light, but in a way that dissolves any fixed boundaries and gives the bodies an aura that is mystical, magical and magical. From deeply shaded zones, the apparitions dissolve with a glow that shines from within themselves, only fleetingly anchored in the three fixed dimensions of the space…”

  • Yvonne Goulbier: “Lichträume, Cibachrome, Bilder“, Kunststiftung Schloss Agathenburg – ISBN 3-9806197-0-2

Texts: Eckhard Schneider, Bettina Roggmann

Excerpt from Bettina Roggmann:
“… The light-shaped rooms by Yvonne Goulbier are adventure spaces, not the fast-moving experiences of an adventure or amusement park, but quiet places in which the viewer experiences their surroundings and its changes.
… The magic that makes up her light spaces is conveyed superficially through the sense of sight, but deepened through one’s own inner sensations. …“

  • Yvonne Goulbier: “beyond day and night”, edited by Isabella Fehle, Städtische Galerie am Markt, Schwäbisch Hall (1998)

Texts: Isabella Fehle, Renate Puvogel

Excerpt from Isabella Fehle:
“… In her artistic work Yvonne Goulbier deals with the exciting relationship between light and space. Her installations are explicitly related to the location. An examination of the respective spatial situation, whether museum, church or subway station, is almost characteristic of her approach.
… Yvonne Goulbier transforms places, dematerialises them. The artist allows light-filled spaces of experience to be sensed, for the viewer she creates a new, sensual situation in the intersection of the material and immaterial, which inevitably draws them into a spell. Reality transforms into an imaginary and transcendental place – in this world and the one there-after.”

  • Yvonne Goulbier: “Luna Park / PIC NIC“, Centre for International Light Art, Unna (2002)

Excerpt from Uwe Rüth:
„…. Yvonne Goulbier has developed her own distinctive „artist vocabulary“,allowing a wide range of expression. For preference she likes to exploit the mysterious sensual effects of dark environments devoid of natural light.
…. The space which the artist creates becomes a mystical experience of a world alienated and divorced from reality. The work of art completely encloses and contains the viewers experience in all its intensity: there is no escape. Amazed and enraptured the visitor becomes part of this night world. “

  • Yvonne Goulbier: “the Game” – painting, objects, photography -, Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche Osnabrück (2002)

Texts: André Lindhorst, Hans Gercke, Michael Stoeber, Yvonne Goulbier in conversation with Beatrix Nobis

Excerpt from André Lindhorst:
“… In the artistic play between appearance and reality the boundaries between reality and fiction become blurred, doors open to spaces in a world full of poetry and mystery. …“

Excerpt from Michael Stoeber:
“… Yvonne Goulbier has discovered black light and luminous paint as an artistic device to extract magic and depth from everyday materials and sober constellations. …“

Excerpt from Hans Gercke:
“… The room loses its reliable contours, becomes incommensurable – we gain insight into another, dreamlike world. … Hardly anyone will be able to escape this, the senses beguiling magic game, …”

  • Yvonne Goulbier: “Pierrots Paradise“, Mönchehaus Museum für moderne Kunst, Goslar (2004)

Excerpt from Beatrix Nobis:
„…. The occupations, transformations and permeations of space that Yvonne Goulbier undertakes lead to a fundamental reorientation of aesthetic perception. … Yvonne Goulbier’s installations always search for the point of culmination, at which the human understanding of space and experience of time, which are understood as a continuum in everyday life, dissolve as fixed coordinates of orientation. … Time seems to stop, space seems to expand infinitely. …“

  • Yvonne Goulbier: “Leuchtstücke“, Nord LB, Hannover (2004)

Excerpt from Dieter Ronte
„…. Yvonne Goulbier is truly a superior artist who takes a strategic approach. Not only because her works reflect light, but because she is at home in the micro – as in the macrocosm. Her works are near and far, tangible and describable as three-dimensional objects, often found objects of a certain iconographic form. Or they are expanding, losing themselves, opening up the cosmos.
… The banal suddenly shines in a new splendour never seen before. The artist visualizes the viewer’s premonitions and dreams…”

  • Müller + Goulbier: “Ricordi di Roma“, Gifhorn Art Association (1990)

Excerpt from Beatrix Nobis:
“… “Ricordi di Roma”, memories of a life span, … these wall sculptures between openness and density, between heaviness and lightness, live from the ambivalence that they assume towards their surroundings; they are a response to the space and a response to the surface. … The colours dissolve the matter, as it were, unify its movement and make visible the transition between the spirituality of the work of art and its haptically tangible existence. …“

  • Müller + Goulbier: “Skulpturen 1992″, Municipal Museum Gelsenkirchen (1992)

Excerpt from Dieter Ronte:
“…to bring travel memories to metal in this way is truly unusual. … Your creations are unique, they add something new to what you have seen. They process everything in order to make the new object clear with the same virulence with which the things of everyday life have surrounded it in a floating manner – in the experience of memory. …“

    • 11. Höhler Biennale, Kunst unter der Altstadt von Gera, Verein zur Erhaltung der Geraer Höhler e.V. (2023) S. 22,23

Light room „High Noon oder der Tanz der Medusen zur Hoch-Zeit”

    • EviLICHTungen – internationale Lichtkunst Biennale, (2022) S.58,59

Light room „…zwischen den Welten…“, Kreuzgang Dommuseum und Annenkapelle

    • “Faszination Licht“,  Zentrum für internationale Lichtkunst, (2022)  ISBN978-3-00-072220-2

Light rooms „Luna Parc“, S.104 und „PicNic“, S.105


    • „Donaugalerie 2019“, Galerie der Stadt Tuttlingen (2019), ISBN 978-3-9818691-4-9

Light rooms „… between …“, p. 19, 40 ff.

Excerpt from Anna-Maria Ehrmann-Schindlbeck, p. 7 ff. (18):
„…. The special project for the Donaugalerie is the only interior installation that focuses on a historically and architecturally distinctive building, the former crematorium built in the 1920s in Art Nouveau style. …With sensitivity and respect, the artist approaches the premises and the history associated with them. …”…between…” is the title of Yvonne Goulbier’s installation work for Tuttlingen, which allows the viewer to immerse themself in a meditative way in an intermediate realm between this world and the next, between the material and the spiritual.”

    • „Erdlicht – Kunst unter der Altstadt von Gera“, Verein zur Erhaltung der Geraer Höhler e.V. (2019)

Light room „… i fiori della luce…“, p. 18 f., Text: Wolfgang Leißling, p. 8 f.

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Texts: Dr. Anja Hesse, Gesine Borcherdt

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Cibachrome „Poesia“ (2000)

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Light room: „Schönheit erblüht in der Stille Deiner Gegenwärtigkeit“,
Text: Annette Roggatz p. 39 ff.

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Text Beatrix Nobis

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Text Giso Westing

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Light room „im stille Blau der unbewegten Ruhe“ (1985), Text Marianne Winter, Katrin Sello,

Excerpt from Katrin Sello:
„…. Yvonne Goulbier’s light spaces present an extreme possibility of sculpture. Fluorescent papers serve as material, black light as instrument to make the paper glow. In these precisely thought-out, technically calculated light installations, the material, the paper, loses its tangible materiality, appears immaterial like light itself. “The quiet blue of motionless calm” is the name of the light space that Yvonne Goulbier has created for this exhibition, a grotto in which stalactites grow from the ceiling as cascades of light. The romantic aspect in this case owes itself to art history. Yvonne Goulbier had the idea for this installation in the Bremen Kunsthalle in front of a painting by the romantic painter Jakob Fried “The Blue Grotto of Capri”. …“

    • „Delta“, kunstraum wörthstraße, Yvonne Goulbier/Ulrike Grest/Gerhard Merkin/Klaus Müller/Jochen Weise: malerei – installation – plastik, (1985)

Floor installation „cantus firmus“, Refektorium of the monastery Lamspringe (1984), „Über den Schatten schwebt der Regenbogen“, Floor installation HBK Braunschweig (1985), „springfever“, Kunstraum Wörthstraße Hannover (1985)

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„Lichtraum 11/84“, Text Heinz Thiel

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Light objects „Imagination 1“ and „Imagination 2“ (Yvonne Fleckenstein, later Yvonne Goulbier) (1979)